• I have never logged in to OTS before.
    In order to login you need a valid ID and password, which are provided by the Logon2MIS Office. You should have receive this in a separate mailing from the Logon2MIS Office. If you have not received this document, or have misplaced it, contact the Logon2MIS Office.

  • I've logged into OTS before but can't now.
    If you are using the numeric keypad on your keyboard, is the 'NumLock' turned on? If you are using the numeric keypad to input your login information at the OTS login page, please ensure that your 'NumLock' keyboard key is on.

  • Is your computer attached to a LAN (local area network)?
    If you faill to access Online Trading System (OTS) you may be attached to a LAN and behind a firewall. Please contact your system administrator for assistance.

  • I've forgotten my ID or Password.
    You can contact the Online Trading System (OTS) Office by E-mail at OTS administrative team.

If you could not find the answer to your question, we'd like to help you. Please send comments or inquiries to: OTS administrative team.. Email will be sending shortly.

Please remember Internet E-mail is not secure. Use Internet E-mail to send us non-confidential notes only. Do not use E-mail to send us passwords, credit card numbers, etc. For your protection our responses will not include any confidential information.

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